X-BOX360 有线手柄 HS-431
1.     兼容XBOX360主机,可以直接与XBOX360主机进行数据通讯;
2.     4个通道指示灯;
3.     振动功能;
4.     包胶手把,使操作手感更加舒适;
5.     线长1.5m
6.       外型尺寸:143 (L)*101 (W)*60 (H) mm
X-BOX360 wired controller
The product is especially designed for X-BOX360 console.
1.      Compatible with X-BOX console and Transport data with X-BOX360 console directly.
2.      Four channel indicator LEDs;
3.      Vibration function;
4.      Rubber grip, feels more comfortable;
5.      Cable length: 1.5m
6.       Dimension: 143 (L)*101 (W)*60 (H) mm

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